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From 7-8 New Clients A Month To Getting 30+ New Clients Per Month!

Learn How HannahGot 3X New Clients Every Month!

Learn How Hannah Got 3x New Clients Every Month!

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We have a 4 step process that helps our clients generate
fast growth and boost their rankings all at the same time.

Our system helps nurture your leads and clients so you can become the go-to lawyer in your city.

1. Cash Flow Generation

In the first 30 days of working with our team we set up a strong cash flow generation foundation. We use a combination of demand marketing with social retargeting to bring ready-to-hire prospects to your firm. Our clients usually see positive ROI in the first 30 days of this system.

2. Ecosystem Development

Having a strong foundation sets your firm up for success. We build or optimize your firm’s site so it is more effective at turning clicks into clients. Our proven layouts convert 3-5X higher than most other attorney sites.

3. Infinity Optimization

We have an iterative process that not only helps our marketing become more efficient over time, getting you more leads for less money, but we also go through a quality feedback loop that will produce higher quality leads every single month.

4. The Omni-Lawyer System

Once you have established KPIs and have lead overflow, we begin to make you the only lawyer in your city worth working with. Through our use of major social platforms, we provide value to your ecosystem with strategically placed videos so that you can build long lasting relationships with clients and gather referral sources. In a matter of months, you’ll become an omnipresent celebrity lawyer in your area.

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