How Family Lawyers Can Niche Down For More Effective ROI

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My name is Elliot Alicea. I’m the co-founder of Empirical360, a legal marketing agency that works with just about 100 attorneys across the nation. I’m writing this blog post to help family law attorneys get a competitive advantage in their marketing by making one simple change!

Here’s the change – niche down.

The more specific of a niche you can serve, the more you can speak to an exact audience, the more relevant your marketing message will be, and typically the better you’re going to perform. Businesses and law firms who choose to serve a narrow niche typically do better!

Our agency has found this to be true. When we first started out, we were a generalist agency – we worked with everybody – but when you talk to everybody, nobody really hears you. When you talk to a very specific person, that is when the person you want to reach starts listening. Your marketing will improve, your closing rate will improve, and you can get really dialed in on an exact customer types that you can serve well over and over.

You probably have family law clients that you like to work with and then clients that you don’t really like to work with. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just focus on the clients you want to work with? You’d love your job more, and you’d also probably be more passionate about getting them a great outcome.

Niche is valuable. One niche for family attorneys that we have found to perform very well is just simply choosing to serve men or women. This is an easy way to niche your firm down and drastically improve your marketing!

We have seen this work for our clients, most notably in two separate instances. We had a client named Mark who was a family attorney for men only. His marketing reflected that – we only targeted men with advertising campaigns, and as a result, he would get significantly cheaper leads because he spoke to an exact audience. (He also went through divorce himself, so it helped that he had a personal story.) Mark would close around 40-50% of the leads that we generated for him, which is a very high closing rate.

Another one of our clients, Rhonda (you can find both of their testimonials on our YouTube channel!), only serves women, and she’s actually a divorce coach/consultant. Her marketing performs very well because she has a very specific clientele. She closes higher, her marketing is more dialed in, and she works with the exact customer that she likes to work with.

Pick men or women, if you prefer serving one gender over the other, and you can watch your ROI increase!

Now, a lot of lawyers think that niching down is going to take them down a path where they’re going to run out of scalability, or they’re not going to be able to take their firm to that next level. Typically, what niching down will allow you to do is allow you to start charging more for your services because you are now an expert in the service. You work with a very specific client, you get a very specific result, and now you can charge a premium because you’re the expert in that niche. For example, imagine a man getting a divorce whose wife has threatened to take the kids away from him. Would he rather go to a divorce and custody lawyer, or a divorce and custody lawyer specifically focused on helping men and fathers protect their rights, who has helped hundreds of men and fathers just like him get great results in divorce? That’s the power of a niche.

So, something to consider for you, if you’re having problems with marketing, or you like to work with a specific client base, consider niching down. Every time we’ve niched down in our business, we’ve made more money, we’ve gotten more for our customers, and those customers have performed better, so it’s a win-win for all parties involved.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to me at or watch the original video where I discussed this topic! If you want to grow your law firm, you can book a call with me here at


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