About The Founders

Erik and Elliot, the co-founders of Empirical360, started out designing websites for companies at the age of 16. At 18, they started a wine business that reached over $100,000 in annual sales. By 20, they had become marketing directors at a large warranty company and secured a $5,000,000 investment for digital advertising from a large private investment group. A few years later, Empirical360 was born; Erik and Elliot had seen enough to know that big agencies they could be part of weren’t better at marketing than they were. In the last few years, Erik and Elliot have successfully grown a variety of businesses, from small chiropractic practices to Aetna & AAA, but they specialize in growing law firms because they realize the enormous potential attorneys have to be successful in marketing. Along with the rest of the Empirical360 team, they have helped over 100 law firms across the United States achieve tremendous results and grow their ROI! To date, they have managed more than 40 million in ad spend. When they’re not working to get law firms more leads, you can find Erik & Elliot training at the local jiu jitsu gym, walking their dogs, or spending time with their friends and family.