Form Submission Conversion Tracking:

 A Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to Implement Thank-You Page Conversion Tracking in Google Ads

What is form submission tracking, and why is it important?

Form submission tracking is a technique you can use to know exactly where your sales are coming from. It involves counting each time a visitor fills a quote form on your website as a conversion in your Google Ads account. When you implement form submission tracking, you are able to see valuable data. If you don’t know what’s driving revenue, you can never confidently say what is working in your business and what’s not working, and you’ll never be able to optimize. Tracking form submissions is one simple way to see where your sales are coming from, so we encourage everyone to do it! Here’s exactly how to do it: (You can also watch our video explanation here).

Step 1: Create Your New Goal

First, you need to login to Google Analytics. Navigate to the “Admin” tab on the lower left menu. Under “View Column”, click on the “Goals” tab. This is where you can create your goals to later import into Google Ads.
Click “New Goal” to begin.

Step 2: Choosing Your Goal Format

Once you have clicked “New Goal”, choose the option for “Custom”.
Once here you will need to name your goal. For form submissions, we typically use “Form Submission”. Next, select the type of goal. In this case you will choose “Destination” because you are sending visitors to a new page once they have completed the form. Once you have done this, click continue.

Step 3: Specifying Your Goal Details

Now you need to name the specified destination, so Google knows when this has taken place. We usually name our thank-you pages with the same convention and with the word “thank” at the beginning so we can easily identify the page. Select the “begins with” option shown below and enter in “/thank” so Google Analytics knows this is the redirect page on your site.

Step 4: Linking Google Analytics to Google Ads

Navigate back to the Admin page of Google Analytics and click on “Google Ads Linking”. Click on “New Link Group” as seen below. Once you click this, you will be prompted to sign into your Google Ads Account to complete the link.

Step 5: Importing Conversions Into Google Ads

Now you need to navigate to your Google Ads Account and click on the “tools” icon in the top right as seen below. Click on the conversions tab.
Click the blue + icon.
Choose the import option and select Google Analytics and continue.
Now select the goal you set up, click “import”, and continue.

All finished! Now, you’re tracking form submissions.

Watch our video explanation to find more tips on this topic!