Why Chiropractors Should Own, Not Lease, Their Websites

Written by Shea Antonucci

On April 4, 2019

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If you are a chiropractor trying to expand your practice in 2019, having a website that is modern, responsive, clean, and functional must be essential to your business strategy. 

Why it matters

This is not just a suggestion. According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain

  • is the leading cause of disability (missed work & other activities)
  • is experienced by 31 million Americans at any given time
  • is the third common most common reason for visits to a doctor’s office

You treat more than just back pain, so realize the implications of these statistics; you have an incredibly large patient pool. And there’s ample evidence to show that the majority of your patients are trying to find your services online. Pew Research found that 66% of web users use search engines to locate information about a specific medical problem, 56% search for information about a specific treatment or procedure, and 44% search for doctors or other health care professionals. That means over half of your prospective patients are looking for a website that can give them information about someone who can be a solution to their pain. No longer are billboards or flyers going to be sufficient; if you want more patients, you need an effective website.


The problems with leased sites


Your time and training is focused on patient care, not web design. So what are your options? 

Essentially, you have two; you can lease your website, or you can own it. 

After finishing their education, many chiropractors realize they need to start their practice and get into the space immediately by building an online presence. They want something quick and inexpensive, so they will often choose a web company that gives them a templated site for a monthly fee (this is leasing).The other option is to invest in a custom website, which takes more time and more money to develop initially, but gives you full control and scalability.

Leasing your website is akin to renting an apartment. You don’t actually own anything, so you can’t keep it when you move, and you can’t just change anything you want at any time. Here’s are three big issues we have with leasing:

  1. The content and copy are not exclusive to you, nor do they belong to you; other chiropractors are getting that same content for their service pages and blogs, because the website companies use the same templates for many of their clients. It’s a cookie cutter method of development that leaves you looking unoriginal, and it silences the unique voice and value propositions of your practice.
  2. Because you do not own your website, when you start to rank organically, you have to realize that it’s not actually you ranking organically – it’s the website company. If you ever decide to leave that company, your rank goes with you – you lose it entirely. You’ll have to start your SEO efforts from scratch, and it could take years to get you back to the position you were in before.
  3. You are pigeonholed in your ability to scale. The website company has total control, so they can tell you you can only focus on content for one location or promote a few services. If you want to grow, they won’t be able to set you up for success by creating something new; they will only give you what they already provide you with.

When you have your own website that is developed for you and given to you, you choose what goes on it, and everything the website does for you directly benefits your practice. The website can grow and scale as you grow and scale – you will never outgrow it because you can make changes. Again, the difference between leasing and owning websites is very similar to real estate – when you own a house, it may be more expensive initially, but you’ll save money and make money off of your investment long-term, and you have the security of knowing that it’s yours.

Chiropractors are normally in school for about eight years, and the vast majority of them keep that as their career. Clearly, after putting that much effort into education, most people aren’t just going to stay in it for two years and then leave the profession. If you’re in it for the long haul, as you will likely be, you are going to want to own your web brand.

Want to hear more about the benefits of owning your website? Check out this interview Matt had with The Evidence-Based Chiropractor last week about why all chiropractors should avoid leasing their site! 



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