Conversion Rate Optimization

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Stop guessing and start improving.

Even the best business always has room for growth. If you are looking to upgrade your online performance and raise your bottom line, it’s critical to know exactly what you should improve. Yet too often, companies make choices about changing their marketing initiatives based on best guesswork, industry best practices, or the highest paid person’s opinion. While there’s a chance they’ll get it right, there’s a bigger chance that these uninformed adjustments could hurt their profitability.

You need to base your decisions off of something more solid. That’s where CRO—Conversion Rate Optimization—comes in. Empirical360 specializes in improving your business’s Key Performance Indicators by creating tests that will provide you with reliable data. Then you can make confident, data-driven business changes that will result in increased leads, conversions, and revenue.

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Insurance Marketing



How Does
CRO Work?

Boost company growth using more than just good ideas.

Our CRO method revolves around A/B testing—experimenting on different aspects of your landing pages, your email marketing efforts, and your AdWords account by controlling different variables. The trial will validate if the test creative produced a perceptible improvement to the business goal; if so, then we implement the change. Empirical360 focuses on statistical significance. This means that the

resulting increase/decrease in a conversion rate from a test has a high enough amount of traffic and variation for us to confidently say that the results will be reliable. Conversion rate optimization gives you the hard evidence to determine cause and effect. You don’t have to assume; you can actually know how different elements of your site experience affect your customers.

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