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What Is
Ecommerce Design

Eliminate limitations of time and distance with instant transactions.

Experts predict $4 trillion in retail Ecommerce sales by 2020, accounting for 14.6% of all consumer retail spending. When so many consumers today are surfing the web for the best price, you can’t afford not to have a high-performing online store.

Construction of Ecommerce sites is more complicated than normal web development. Because monetary transactions are involved, all pages have to be secure, fully functional, elastic, and available for editing, so prebuilt templates aren’t sufficient. Empirical360 can build a successful Ecommerce store for your company and also implement business intelligence tracking solutions, something relatively unique among marketing agencies.

Case Studies

Florida Blue

Insurance Marketing

Medicare Supplement

Insurance Marketing



How Does
Ecommerce Design Work?

Realize your true monetization potential.

Empirical360 puts great emphasis on results. We assess what functionality is appropriate based on the amount of products you will be selling, what kind of traffic sources you will be using, and other relevant factors—then we select the latest technology based on those criteria. Our team ensures that your Ecommerce site can be easily updated and is mobile responsive. We use tested website layouts to produce conversions, and we have the capabilities to track data such as product views, shopping cart funnels, revenue, and traffic sources. Our goal is to help you grow your business with an Ecommerce store both you and your customers will love.

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