3 Apps That Can Boost Your Shopify Conversion Rate

If you own an Ecommerce business, you know that the endless options available to you within just a single platform can be overwhelming. Ecommerce is complex and heavily involved, and because you are managing all aspects, we know that it can be difficult to make time to explore what outside factors can augment your revenue.

However, if you operate a Shopify store, there are several apps that can make a drastic difference for your business. There are over 2,200 apps available in the Shopify App Store currently; because your time is valuable, we’re briefly recommending three apps that we use in our own store that have increased our conversion rates! We have also seen these apps increase conversion rates for our Ecommerce clients. They work! 

For one client, we used these apps to increase our conversion rate by 18% and our ROI by 130.82%. 


Wheelio acquisition rate:  9+%

Industry standard: 0,5%-2%.




Wheelio is the first gamified pop-up that includes smart tracking tools (time triggers, on-exit overlays, etc.) It’s a proven psychological trend that people love free stuff, but they prefer earning things to getting handouts; coupon users who feel like they “won” the coupon are 10x more likely to use it than if it was simply given to them. Using gamified popups is a measurable way to capitalize on this purchase behavior and increase your conversion rate. 


Some of the cool features Wheelio offers:

  • Ability to customize colors, text, triggers, and placements to keep your branding consistent and opportunity to optimize by A/B testing different factors 
  • Automatic integration with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and AWeber, as well as .csv files for manual exports
  • PRO package that includes email validation/segmentation, custom fields, advanced analytics, and campaign management (only gamified app with these inclusions)



SMS Bump

SMS Bump is a marketing and automations app that allows you to create text messaging campaigns quickly and easily. Because 83% of Millennials open SMS messages within 90 seconds, it’s an extremely smart tactic to use texting in your Ecommerce marketing efforts. You can use this app to reengage customers and recover lost carts, which can increase your conversion rate significantly.

Some of the cool features SMS Bump offers:

  • Send messages based on your customer’s local timezone & location
  • Input quiet hours so no one is woken up by a message
  • Optimize costs by setting a max cost per text message threshold
  • Use emojis to add personality to your campaigns
  • Track your results
  • Integrate with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, ReCharge, Smile.io, PushOwl, Recart, and more



SMS Bump open rate:  99%

Click through rate: 35%

25x ROI

Carts Guru

Increases conversion rates by more than 25%

Carts Guru is a multi-channel retargeting management tool that allows you use various mediums to decrease your cart abandonment rate, including email, text message, Facebook messenger and ads, and more. You can create personalized coupon codes and utilize opt-in widgets to encourage customers to purchase, and track your performance in real time. 

Some of the cool features Carts Guru offers:

  • You can identify visitors who are not connected to your site (someone who comes back to your site and abandons their cart without logging in) 
  • You have access to intuitive campaigns rules automatically generated by the app
  • You can support unlimited websites and manage them from one dashboard 



Want to learn more about our results with these apps or find out other ways to boost the conversion rates of your Ecommerce store? We’d love to discuss any questions you have! Empirical360 specializes in Ecommerce development, and we have the skills and experience necessary to grow your business and increase profits. Contact us today! 





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