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Family Law PPC Program

Cash Flow Generation

PPC stands for pay-per-click. We run ads on Google and Facebook/Instagram based on the search volume in your area, and you pay every time that someone searching clicks your ad.


Every time someone searches for “divorce attorney near me”, or “custody lawyer in Tampa” (insert your practice area and city there), your ads will be at the top of the search results in the form of both LSA (local service ads) and traditional Google paid ads. We can target divorce, custody, prenups, paternity, high-net-worth cases – anything in the family law realm!

We’ll also run remarketing/retargeting on Facebook and Instagram to follow those people around if they don’t convert right away so you stay top of mind.

Landing Pages

When prospects click on your ad, they are taken to a landing page that we design for you. It’s branded to your firm, and you own it! Normal industry landing pages convert at 8%; our family law PPC landing pages convert between 25% – 30%.

From there, they will either call you, fill out a form to get in contact with you, or leave. If they call or fill out a form, they become a lead; if not, we retarget them on Facebook to give them more touchpoints in the sales cycle.


The cost for family law leads is anywhere from $80 – $120 per lead, depending on where you’re at in the nation. We aim for a 10% closing rate with our family law PPC clients; if you can close leads at 10%, you can get 10x ROI.

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