3 Tips for Running Your Campaigns After Hours

After-hours campaigns are a little-known asset that can really give your business a boost, but you might not be optimizing them correctly. 

With Google Ads (and Bing Ads), you have the power to determine when your ads run. That means if you want your ads to run Monday through Friday from 9am – 5 pm, you can, but you can also run them after normal business hours, when your agents or employees have gone home and most of your potential customers aren’t at work anymore (like on Tuesdays from 6pm – 11pm, for instance). 

When we were writing this blog post, we wanted to give you an example of just how effective these types of campaigns can be, so we looked at the account that we had open on Erik’s laptop at the moment. It was for one of our medical insurance clients; they’re one of the largest agencies in the state. We compared two identical campaigns that had different ad schedules, one for normal operating hours and one for after hours.

The cost-per-lead (CPL) for the normal hours campaign was $16.81; the CPL for the after-hours campaign was $9.51. It cut the CPL nearly in half.

We’ve proven time and time again that using ad scheduling the right way can help most businesses get these same dramatic results (translation: if you do this right, you might be able to cut your CPL in half). How? What do you need to do to an after-hours campaign in order to make it successful?


Remove the phone number (unless you have an answering service)


It sounds counter-intuitive, but also makes total logical sense – you don’t want people calling you, because you won’t have anyone there to pick up. The quickest way to lose customers is to frustrate them; if they call you, and they’re waiting forever for someone to answer and no one does, that’s frustrating. Instead of putting them through that experience, or even having them leave a message, just remove the phone number from your ads and after-hours landing pages. Lead them to fill out a form instead, and remember to contact them first thing in the morning to increase the likelihood of conversion. 


Create new campaigns with new budgets. 


After-hours campaigns are cheaper, because generally there’s not as much competition. We suggest running them for a few weeks to gather data and then running AB tests; depending on how well they’re performing, you may find that you want to allocate more of your budget to these campaigns and segment them out by device type, location, etc. Organizationally, you want to differentiate these campaigns by name because your account can quickly become crowded – make sure you can locate your campaigns quickly and easily after you’ve created them.  


Lower your bids. 


Because there’s not as much competition for after-hours campaigns for lead generation (like we said, it’s a hidden gem), you won’t have to bid as high as you do during the day to achieve the same ranking. However, you have to know your industry: for Ecommerce, after-hours campaigns actually may be more expensive (people shop when they get home, so most Ecommerce business owners will still run campaigns after hours – there are no employees required for people to purchase products). But for call centers and many other industries that require employees to handle customer interaction, after-hours campaigns can be significantly cheaper when it comes to acquiring leads. 

Have questions about after-hours campaigns? Want to learn more about other campaign types we’ve implemented successfully?  We’d love to talk! Empirical360 specializes in PPC marketing. We’re Google Partners, and we have the skills and experience necessary to grow your business and increase your revenue. Contact us today! 




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