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5 Awesome Landing Page Examples for Med Spa Owners

If you’re running Google and Bing ads for your med spa, don’t be deceived; the ad copy and design is what’s going to get you noticed, but your landing page is what’s going to get you clients. 

Far too often, we see med spa owners trying to grow their business by pouring all of their time, efforts, and resources into ad creation and delivery and completely ignoring the landing page experience. PPC is what we do best, and we understand that there is a lot of pressure to be noticed among the heavy competition (the med spa industry is quickly growing, the global market projected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 12.2% between 2018 and 20205). But you are paying for your ads, and the clicks that cost you money will be wasted if you have a crappy landing page. 

At Empirical360, we never recommend running any ads without optimizing your med spa landing pages. We have a proven process of landing page design and development for med spas that has produced millions of dollars in revenue for our medical marketing clients. In order for a landing page to be successful, it needs to be highly relevant, mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and has a few key elements that encourage conversions. 

Part of the reason med spas don’t put more effort into their landing pages is because they just don’t know what it’s supposed to look like. We’ve compiled 5 quality med spa landing page examples here so you can have a better understanding of what good med spa landing pages are supposed to be – and get some inspiration for your next landing page design!


This landing page is clean, colorful, and aesthetically pleasing, but that’s not necessarily what makes it a great med spa landing page – although it helps that the overall feel is cosmetic. Users should be able to look at your page, without reading it, and know generally what it is that you’re offering.



Note how the call to action is above the fold, as well as the form and phone number, which are all clearly visible. This is extremely important – what’s above the fold should be the most valuable elements of your page, because people might not take the time to scroll down if you don’t hook them up top. Don’t hide your contact information or make users hunt for the call to action. 



This med spa gets that, so they also put value propositions above the fold, which we LOVE! We don’t see this enough, but it makes your business immediately more attractive to prospective clients. 



They highlight their Yelp reviews, showcasing their credibility. People are very protective of their appearance, so to decrease skepticism, client testimonials and good reviews should always be front and center. 



The before and after photo in the purple section is a great idea – data shows that users respond well to before and after pictures, as they help build visual credibility. Another design element that lends to visual credibility is the Juvederm box; they’re associating themselves with a well-known brand, gaining users’ trust. 



The footer even has payment icons (very bottom) which further enforces visual credibility. You know after scanning this landing page that this website and business seems legitimate and successful. 

There’s also a clear CTA above the fold on this med spa landing page, along with a special offer that gets users attention immediately; users want to know whether or not your prices are affordable, so the special offer helps assure them that they’re getting a great deal. 

The website is optimized for phone calls (there are two options above the fold to call and schedule an appointment, and another option at the very bottom of the page to call). While the form is not above the fold, it is close to the top of the page, which is fine depending on your specific business goal. 

Botox logos are used to build credibility and also increase relevance; their ads center around Botox treatment, so they want you to see that right away and know you are in the right place. When landing pages are highly relevant to the ads, it makes the client’s journey smoother – you want to lead users on a crumb trail where they keep converting. 

Like the first landing page, this med spa landing page has a before and after photo as well as Yelp & Google badges for credibility. 

We REALLY love how the map of their location is included on their landing page. Users nearby will instantly make the connection, which may make them more likely to convert! 



This landing page has the relevant factor. Note the holiday theme – Christmas is front and center in clients’ minds during this time of year, and there’s no way anyone could miss the giant Botox special, indicative of a Christmas deal. 



The form starts above the fold. It’s an interesting play, and not the most common one, but we think it can work for certain landing pages as long as the form is good. Users can still identify that there is a form there for them to fill out. The phone number is where clients expect it to be, in the top right corner. 



Note the image guide to how many boxes clients would need depending on what area they want to treat. This is a BRILLIANT strategy because it engages the user. The typical user would look at this, identify their own problem area they would want to treat, and maybe even estimate the total cost – which seems low, (note that all areas are nearly the same cost on the surface  – separating them was just a way to engage the user). They could have listed this out, but to add the visual further engages the user. 



 They also have a before and after section (sensing a theme here?) and a call to action at the bottom of the landing page. 


We feel that this med spa landing page is particularly well designed, as it has a chat box, the spa’s value propositions, the phone number, and the specials (twice) all listed above the fold. The badge, which makes the site seem extremely credible, is above the fold also. 


We love how the 5 star reviews are a main focus of the page. They not only have before and after photos, but also a video explaining more; videos are excellent to include on your landing page if possible as they often increase conversion rates. 


The call to action at the bottom comes with a special discount offer, which could be highly effective. 


The greens and yellows scream “natural” which is a buzzword people love, but not what people normally see when they visit med spa websites. We think that was a great psychological design choice!




One of these is not like the others…. this landing page is extremely different than the other ones we’ve shown, but we specifically included it because we wanted to communicate that good landing pages don’t have to be cookie cutter. 


This landing page is short, to the point, and bright – it’s in your face. All the important information is above the fold (special, phone number). The large text is colorful and easy to read. They are even upselling Juvederm at the bottom of the landing page, trying to get more from potential customers. 


 Have questions about designing your own med spa landing page? Contact Empirical360 today to see how our PPC expertise can grow your business! We’ve managed millions of dollars in medical ad spend. We’re Google Premier Partners (a designation only given to the world’s leading marketing agencies). And we know what it takes to make landing pages that convert. 



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