Accelerated VS Standard Delivery:

Which Should You Use In Your Campaigns? 

If you begin the process of creating a Google Ads campaign for your business or for your client, you may be quickly overwhelmed by the amount of options available to you and terminology that you may not be familiar with.

Google helps new users by suggesting settings, but there are two things about Google that the savvy marketer would be wise to keep in mind. The first is that Google does not know your unique business, and the second is that they make most of their money off of paid search. That means that it’s in Google’s best interest to spend as much of your budget as they can; they do want your ads to be successful, but they’re not necessarily looking out for your best interest when it comes to cost effectiveness.

If you want to get the highest return for the lowest investment, you need to understand your choices! 

One of the key decisions you will make, (if you are running a campaign with “All Features” enabled, and if you are limited by budget) is selecting your delivery method. This determines how often your ads are shown throughout the day and how quickly your budget is used.

There are two different methods: accelerated delivery and standard delivery


Accelerated Delivery Method

Standard Delivery Method

Which is better?

Well, it depends on a few factors. Google asks you to set an average daily budget, an estimate of how much you’d like to spend each day (12:00 am – 11:59 pm). The more often users click on your ad, the faster your budget is used. When the average daily budget is reached, your ads stop showing for that day. If you use an accelerated method of delivery, your budget will be spent as fast as possible; if you use the standard method of delivery, your budget will be spent evenly throughout the day.  Let’s look specifically at what each method does, and at the benefits and drawbacks as it pertains to your business. 

Accelerated Delivery

In accelerated delivery, your budget starts spending quickly early in the day. Google’s paid search is a bidding platform, and you’ve given Google the green light to enter your ad into every eligible ad auction. So you will show up higher on the page, get noticed faster, and receive more clicks. Your budget will be used up by the afternoon, and will not show throughout the entire day (it will begin to run again the next day). 

While it is a good thing to get more clicks and have a top position, it means you won’t show up in searches later in the day, because Google has stopped serving your ads. As a result, they don’t recommend it for most advertisers, but again, this is where your specific knowledge of your company comes into play. If you own a breakfast café, or manage a chiropractic practice that has irregular afternoon hours, this can really benefit you, because you’ll use up all of your budget when it counts.


Standard Delivery Method 

In standard delivery, Google spreads your budget out so that your ads are served periodically throughout the day. Google’s algorithm analyzes previous data to determine the probable frequency of your keyword being triggered and how expensive it will be. They use those predictions to run your ads and spend your budget evenly over a 24 hour period, but if the keyword volume or cost is lower than predicted, you will have budget left over, and your clicks may cost less.

Though you may be happy to have the extra change, remember that you will have missed out on reaching customers; because Google is trying to spread your budget out, they won’t bid for every opportunity. If your business can benefit from customer interactions at any time of the day, though, and if you have a smaller budget, this method may get more results for you. 

Another reason that standard delivery can be useful is because you can optimize in ways you can’t when you choose accelerated delivery. If you run standard delivery for a few weeks, you’ll be able to see when you get the most clicks, the most conversions, the highest click through rate, and more data that can help you understand what times are optimal and create an ad schedule to show your ads at the best times. 


Test It 

Depending on where you’re located, what industry you’re in, and what your unique value propositions are, performance may vary. We recommend testing each method to see which one yields more valuable results, and then optimizing for that method for the remainder of the campaign. 

If you have questions or want to learn more about setting up a Google Ads account, leave a comment or contact us! Empirical360 has structured accounts that have made clients millions in revenue. We love helping people grow their businesses and realize their monetization potential!