Five Reasons Why Ecommerce Businesses Should Invest In Retargeting & Remarketing

Studies have shown that, on average, only 2% of visitors will convert on your site.  

That means that if your business’s marketing doesn’t have a strategy to reach those visitors who did not take any sort of desired action,  you’re missing out on 98% of your traffic, and potentially, 98% of your customers. 

Remarketing/retargeting should be part of every business owner’s digital marketing efforts because it is a way to put yourself in front of users who have left your site as they are browsing the internet, and it’s been proven to work; the positive effects of showing yourself to visitors repeatedly are numerous. The two words “remarketing” and “retargeting” are slightly different, though the intent – to get wayward visitors to convert – is the same. Remarketing typically describes any ad-serving or follow up action related to email, while retargeting typically describes using cookies to serve ads to visitors on search or display networks. It’s not an “either/or” choice but a “both/and”. When it comes to this type of targeting, more is always better.

Here are five reasons why you should invest in remarketing & retargeting:

1. It raises brand awareness

Mere exposure is a simple, but powerful, concept. The more someone sees your name and your brand, the more likely they are to choose you simply because they are aware of you. When consumers search online for a product, they may not be ready to purchase right away. However, i they are familiar with your company and know that you offer the product they have been searching for because they keep seeing your ads everywhere online, the probability of them becoming a paying customer vastly increases. 

Did you know that the Google Display Network reaches 90% of Internet users, and serves over a trillion impressions to over 1 billion users every month? And that Facebook has over 1.4 billion users? You can reach so many people that are searching for your products!


2. It increases your conversion rate

Placing yourself in front of users for a second time gives you a higher likelihood of converting on the second pass; you can reengage people who have already been exposed to your brand and who have some impression of it (hopefully positive or neutral if you have a clean, responsive website)! Say you have someone who visits your home page or “About Us” page, or even adds something to their cart, but leaves your site without converting. If you serve remarketed/retargeted ads to that person, they are much more likely to return to your site and complete their purchase.

Research backs this with data, which proves that e-mail retargeting CTRs and conversion rates are anywhere from 3-5% higher with upsells, as compared to standard site retargeting, and conversion rates increase by 147%  when combined with prospecting (by 50-60% alone).  A well-executed remarketing/retargeting campaign can also lead to 26% more return visitors who complete an action, such as filling out a contact form or visiting a certain page on your site. 


3. It’s cheap

Did you know that according to Google, when you use the Display Network remarketing/retargeting ads in combination with Search, you will (on average) have a Display Network cost per acquisition (CPA) that’s within approximately 2% of your Search CPA? If your CPA per patient is $200, for example (because you invested $2,000 in your campaigns and those campaigns result in 10 new customers), then this means that your Display Network CPA could be as low as 4$. 

It is significantly less expensive, and the traffic is also pre-qualified because it is coming from people who have already taken an interest in your Ecommerce store. Your average cost per click will be lower, and because your conversion rates will be higher, your cost per conversion will also be lowered even further.


4. It gives you the chance to promote different services

You can tailor your remarketing/retargeting ads to be extremely strategic. If you had someone who visited your home page but did not explore your a certain specialized product page, you can show them an ad that informs them you also offer other products, which may interest them and lead them to visit your site again for that specific item. This works particularly well if you have certain goods you are trying to promote or know from past customer history/keyword analytics which products are most popular.


5. People don’t actually hate it 

If you’ve researched this topic, you may have come across a few people trying to dissuade you from remarketing/retargeting. They claim that it will turn your customers off from your brand because they will think it’s creepy, invasive, pushy, or annoying. However, the data shows that the opposite is true; 89% of online consumers have a neutral or positive attitude about remarketed/retargeted ads (only 11% dislike them). According to another study by Pew Research, 47% say they value getting a better deal over privacy. And if that’s not compelling enough for you, the best way to tell how your customers really feel about something is to look at the results. Studies have shown that they are 70% more likely to convert after encountering a remarketed/retargeted ad, and your savvy efforts can boost ad responses by up to 400%.


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Shea Duncan - Author

Director of Content Marketing

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