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Here’s The Secret To Getting A Higher ROI If You’re A Lawyer

Written by Shea Antonucci

On March 25, 2020

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You have to know to grow…

If you want to acquire your dream clients and cases, and make your law firm successful, you have to know exactly what your advertising dollars are doing for you. (This is what we are about to prove to you in this blog post).

One of the most important contributors to your practice is a thorough understanding of each of the moving parts that makes up ROI. When you don’t know how you achieved the results of a campaign, that campaign was essentially a failure, because you can’t replicate it, you can’t improve it, and you have no idea how the results from the next campaign will compare. 


Case in point…..

Some advertising methods make understanding what goes into your ROI more difficult than others. Take a billboard, for example. We’re located in Florida – all it takes is a 5 minute drive down US-19 to realize that many lawyers are using billboards to put their name and brand in front of people. This medium is popular, and may work, but it’s not trackable.  


  • You don’t know how many people actually took the time to look at your billboard while they were driving past it. 
  • You don’t know how many people seeing the billboard are actively trying to hire a lawyer. 
  • You don’t know how many of those need the kind of particular legal services that you are offering. 
  • You don’t know how many people, if they don’t need a lawyer now, will remember your billboard when the time comes and they do need a lawyer. 
  • You don’t know how your ad compares to your competitors’ – you’re competing with endless other ads they see every single day while driving, and other lawyers are doing the same thing as you are. 
  • You don’t know if the people who call you and say they are calling because they saw your billboard actually were mostly influenced by your billboard or were mostly influenced by other factors (a friend’s referral, a social media post, a news story, etc.).  


See all the unknowns? You don’t really know if the billboard is working! And you don’t know how to make your next billboard better. The bottom line is that advertising methods that don’t offer clear insight into how the dollars are performing (billboards, flyers, tv ads) are not the most effective ones, and they’re not helping you achieve your real potential. 


The better alternative…

Paid search marketing (advertising on search engines like Google or Bing, also known as pay-per-click advertising) gives you this knowledge of where every dollar is going and how it’s performing.

It’s an auction system. You choose keywords and queries related to the services you’re offering and bid on them (“attorney near me”, “divorce lawyer tampa bay”, “motorcycle accident lawyer”, “what happens if you hit someone and don’t have insurance”, etc.). Then when someone searches Google or Bing for that keyword or query, the highest bidder’s ad shows up first in search results. When someone clicks your ad, you are charged for the click, and they are directed to a landing page on your site. You aren’t paid if people don’t click.

Not only is this much more targeted advertising – you are strategically reaching the people who are actively looking for what you have to offer at the exact moment they’re looking for you – it is also a data goldmine. You have the ability, provided your Google and Microsoft (Bing) accounts are properly structured*, to know everything about that click. You can know the age of the visitor, what gender they are, what keywords they used to find you, what time they found you, what day of the week they found you, where they were when they made the click, whether they had previously visited your website or engaged with your other channels, whether they searched for you on their smartphone or desktop, and more. Suddenly, you hold the power to make informed decisions about adjusting the current campaign (which you can in real time – unlike the time it takes to design a new billboard).


Higher ROI…

When you can see the data, you can make your money work for you.

If mobile devices are getting you more clicks and qualified leads, you can bid higher on searches from mobile devices. If you only practice in one county or city, you can exclude locations outside of a certain radius so you don’t get clicks from users you can’t serve. If you are a personal injury or family law attorney who offers multiple services, you can target for different search terms.

This leads to more of your dream clients clicking on your ads and bringing you the cases you actually want. Revenue increases, and irrelevant calls or inquiries decrease. You’re not just throwing money at a crowd and hoping someone qualified will bite; you’re spending specific amounts to introduce yourself to qualified people already searching for you.

PPC for lawyers is the tightest, most data-driven method of advertising you can invest in, and that’s why lawyers who want to grow their firm/practice should put more dollars into PPC than any other advertising medium.

*Not all PPC is created equal…

Remember when we said that you could only know everything about the click if your accounts were properly structured? Account management is time-consuming for lawyers who already have big caseloads, and it’s incredibly complex to set up an account, segment campaigns, and adjust to all of Google’s & Microsoft’s constantly changing policies. That’s why you should leave PPC management to a PPC management expert who has experience in running PPC for lawyers. 

Empirical360 is a Google Premier Partner. That means Google recognizes us as one of the top 3% of PPC agencies worldwide, and we have a special relationship with their support teams. We have managed over $15,000,000 in ad spend and have produced millions in revenue for our clients. We specialize in lawyers, so we know the unique challenges of attorney search marketing and how to succeed in the space (because we’ve done it before). Contact us today to learn more about some of our free paid search resources for lawyers and how we can help you acquire your ideal clients through PPC!  

Shea Antonucci - Author

Director of Content Marketing

Shea is an expert content writer and is a classic literary nerd! She loves writing highly engaging content and has a knack for making it convert!

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