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Webinar Series

Healthcare Marketing Part 1: How To Prepare Your Website For PPC

In part 1 we discuss how to prepare your website for paid traffic. This will help you get the best results from your ads and help you save money!

Learn The Following:

  • How to set up call tracking
  • How to set up goal tracking
  • Making sure your page speed is optimal
  • Responsive design techniques
  • Landing page designs
  • Advertising relevance
  • Adding credibility boosters to your site

Healthcare Marketing Part 2: How To Run Google & Facebook Ads To Get More Patients

In part 2 we discuss how to how to run both Google Ads & Facebook Ads to generate traffic and leads. Watch live demos to actually start running ads.

Learn The Following:

  • How Google Ads works
  • Choosing your keywords
  • Creating your first campaign
  • Writing ads
  • Resources for SKAGS
  • Resources for tracking calls
  • Resources for tracking form submissions
  • Resources for device segmentation

Healthcare Marketing Part 3: How To Boost Your SEO

In part 3 we go over very basic tasks that anyone can do to boost your SEO rankings.

Learn The Following:

  • 3 easy ways to boost SEO
  • Meta descriptions
  • How to write meta descriptions
  • How to find blog topics
  • Adding regular content to your site
  • Making sure your PPC strategy compliments your SEO strategy
  • Generating reviews for Google My Business

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