5 Benefits of PPC for Med Spas 

The med spa industry is currently projected to double in size by the end of 2020, according to the American Med Spa Association. If you are a med spa professional, you are operating in a highly competitive industry, which means that you need to work harder to distinguish yourself from other med spas, get more clients in the door, and grow your business.

In today’s digital culture, traditional marketing methods like billboards, television, and newspaper ads are no longer the most effective ways to cut through the noise and reach your ideal clientele. Word of mouth and relationship marketing hold tremendous power, but relying only on those channels causes you to miss out on a large portion of the population that does not yet have a connection with you, and you won’t acquire new clients at a sustainable rate. 

PPC is one of your most powerful tools for rising above the competition and attracting new clients, even if you already have good SEO and are ranking highly for industry keywords in Google or Bing’s SERP (search engine results page), which most med spas do not. 

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is a method of paid search advertising that allows you to put yourself in front of the people who are already searching for you on major search engines like Google or Bing. Here’s how it works: you choose certain keywords you want to target that people are searching for (“microdermabrasion”, “laser hair removal”, “botox”, “med spa tampa”, etc.), and then you bid on those terms. It’s an auction system. The higher you bid, the more likely you are to be the top result that people see on the search results page when a user types in search terms that include your keyword. You only pay when someone clicks your ad. PPC is thus a guaranteed return on investment for any business. As the wellness boom continues to spread, though, more people are searching for med spas and med spa related terms/services right now than ever before, which means PPC can be particularly beneficial for med spa owners. This should be central to your marketing strategy. 

Empirical360 specializes in helping med spas grow & thrive through optimized digital marketing. We are Google Premier Partners and have managed over 8 million dollars in Google ad spend alone. We know exactly how PPC can help med spas because we’ve seen it firsthand! 

Here are 5 benefits of PPC for med spas: 

PPC increases brand recognition 


When you run paid ads, you increase the real estate you take up on the SERP. You’ll show up first. If you already rank organically, users will see your name more than other med spas. Mere exposure is a persuasive psychological strategy; if a potential client is more familiar with your name, and sees it more often, they are more likely to choose your med spa when they need your services. 

In the picture below, you’ll see an example of one med spa that already ranks highly organically, but used paid search ads to own more space on the page. Because they did, their ads show up three different times as opposed to just once. 



Because most clients’ journeys to find you have multiple touch points, running PPC can be another avenue you give your clients to find your website. For example, say that Beth heard your name mentioned by a friend who’s aunt had laser surgery done at your med spa. She sees a sponsored post on her Facebook newsfeed a week later highlighting your new client specials. The next month, she experiences some discomfort after shaving and performs a Google search for solutions to that issue. If your med spa shows up high on the page, that’s the third time in two months that she’s seen your brand. That’s one of the biggest benefits of PPC, that it keeps you consistently in front of your clients and can complement your other marketing efforts. 

PPC drives qualified website traffic 


Because PPC focuses on users who are already searching for you or for the products/services your med spa has to offer, you know that the traffic you get is already going to be qualified. You can use negative keywords to filter out people who are not high intent or who are looking for educational content, but on the whole, PPC will automatically result in qualified traffic. 

You can also target certain demographics and geographic locations. You can target based on interests, behavioral patterns, and previous interaction with your site. (For example, you could choose to serve ads to only women in affluent communities who are 45 and older who typically read beauty articles online, or choose to serve a type of PPC ad that calls you directly when users click on it in order to optimize for phone calls.) PPC is extremely precise, which always works in your favor. If you have a limited budget or only want certain types of clients, PPC gives you more control over your marketing efforts than any other advertising medium.  

Running PPC for your med spa helps you obtain more leads, get more conversions, and book more appointments because it is directed at people who already want what you have. 

PPC allows you to be agile with your messaging 


Changing the content for billboards, TV commercials, print ads, or radio spots is incredibly costly and time-consuming. Ranking organically for a new service can take years. But PPC gives you the opportunity to be flexible with your ad content. You can add site links, extensions, and headlines to your ads, or modify the ad copy, or or tailor specific landing pages that mirror the exact language of your ad in order to increase the likelihood of conversions, quickly and easily. It’s not expensive and it’s fast. Creating unique messages that advertise for different services or calls to action isn’t some massive undertaking like it would be with other forms of lead generation. 

The med spa industry is evolving and growing, and new technologies and therapies are always being introduced. If you begin to offer new services and you want to communicate that to prospective patients, you can target them, and it doesn’t take much to do so. 


PPC shows you where you can optimize 


Another benefit of PPC for med spas is that paid search allows you to visualize your data and see results clearly. You’ll know exactly what’s working and what’s failing or underperforming, and you can then AB test different factors to improve performance. You have complete control over every aspect of your marketing, and you also have ample keyword and ad data insights you can review to improve your campaigns. Your success is measurable and trackable. Unlike with billboards, flyers, or radio ads, when you don’t know how many people interacted with your advertisement, with PPC you don’t have to guess about what your audience responds to. You can adjust everything according to what the data shows you. This gives you an advantage when it comes to keeping up with your competition and expanding your own med spa business offerings. 

PPC gives you an edge over your competition, faster 


Even if other med spas have a better online presence than you or have been in business longer than you, because PPC is an auction system, you can outbid them and rank higher on the SERP. (If they’re not using PPC, you can rank higher for less. If they are using paid search, you can see what they’re advertising for and what value propositions they’re promoting, and you can use that information to boost your own campaigns. Unlike in SEO, when it can take years for new med spas to even get on the first page, paid search is an immediate way to put yourself above the leading med spas. 



PPC has more than just these 5 benefits of PPC for med spas. Have questions about other ways that PPC or SEO can help your med spa grow? Empirical360 has more than 25 years of experience in digital marketing and web development for a variety of businesses and medical professionals. Our team is a Google Premier Partner, so we have the expertise to help you realize your monetization potential. We want your med spa to succeed as much as you do, and we’ll work to make it happen! Contact us at (844)397-2247. 

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