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It’s time to get the marketing results you deserve. Our team has extensive experience helping medical practices all sizes invest their marketing dollars intelligently. We pride ourselves on allocating budget in the most efficient ways possible to deliver the highest potential ROI for our clients.

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Custom Web Design & Landing Pages

It takes web visitors half of a second to decide if they will leave your site. When you’ve spent so much time and money getting them there, you can’t afford not to have a clean, mobile-responsive, easy-to-navigate, creative website and functional, relevant landing pages; your website must be a powerful sales tool that turns visitors into patients. Empirical360 specializes in building dream medical websites for practices of all sizes. We work with you to design a custom online presence that accomplishes your practice’s goals!

Google Ads

Recent research shows that over 80% of Internet users searched for a health-related topic online – and there are more than 2.5 million Google searches per minute. Google Ads offers you a way to connect with the people who need the treatments you provide at the exact time that they’re searching for them through paid search (or pay-per-click) advertising. It’s a complex tool, but the results are proven and significant, and you have a guaranteed return on investment! Empirical360 has helped multiple practices acquire hundreds of patients nearly overnight; our Google Ads experts can help you rank higher in search results and grow your practice.

Social Media Marketing

People use social media to entertain themselves and keep up with their friends, but they also use it to check the credibility of healthcare providers and get information. Advertising on social media is also cheaper than search advertising, but running quality social media accounts is time-consuming. Empirical360 has the industry knowledge and experience to create a winning content strategy that will raise awareness for your practice, demonstrate your expertise in your field, highlight your unique value propositions, and attract new patients!

Local SEO

Most prospective patients will never scroll past the first five listings on a Google search. If you want to rank organically and get noticed by the people searching for you, search engines need to recognize you as a valuable source; you need to earn your spot. Our team speaks the same language as search engines. We know what they value, what content your patients need to see, and how to optimize your site so that search engines connect you with people who need your medical services! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes work and doesn’t happen overnight, but you can trust Empirical360 to help you get noticed by web users.

Video Production

Video is becoming one of the most common ways people consume content. Research has shown that video is now the most effective way to communicate to your customers. We have produced amazing results for our clients using video for credibility, ads and creating content for education on procedures. It is important for your prospective patients to get a feel for your practice before they trust you with their health. Video is a great way to do just that!

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