Benefits of Using the Offline Editor for Google Ads and Microsoft Ads 

In this blog post, we’ll tell you why we love the Google Ads Editor (and the Microsoft Advertising Editor, which is essentially the same thing) and how they can help you take your PPC management to the next level. 

PPC is complex.

Often, people don’t realize just how complex running a Google Ads or Microsoft Ads account is (we actually made a video series about what that looks like on a daily basis). Managing one account with multiple campaigns is time-consuming enough, but if you have multiple accounts to manage with multiple campaigns in each account, it can become an overwhelming task. 

At Empirical360, we’re all about efficient growth. We believe in working smarter, not harder; while we come into the office earlier than anyone else (often 4:30 or 5am) to optimize our clients’ accounts and ensure that campaigns perform well, we love shortcuts because they enable us to put our energy where it really matters. 

So the Google Ads Editor (and the Microsoft Advertising Editor) is one of our favorite tools. The Editor is a free, downloadable application for account managers that makes making changes to accounts/campaigns/ad groups much simpler. 

As we’ve mentioned in another blog post, Microsoft Advertising is extremely similar to Google Ads, with a tendency to follow behind when it comes to things like advanced features.  The editors are currently nearly identical, though, so no matter what platform you choose (or if you use both), the editors will make account management significantly more convenient. 

Here are the main benefits of the editors: 

Offline use


Arguably the biggest benefit of the Google Ads Editor or Microsoft Advertising Editor is that it functions entirely offline. No WiFi required.

If you want to work from home, from the beach, on the go, on long flights, or on your daily commute (as we often like to/need to do), the Editor allows you to do that without worrying about your connection. You can make changes anywhere, although you can’t upload them to your account and make them live without Wifi….but it still saves you an incredible amount of time because you’re not having to wait for things to load, refresh the page, or switch between links to work on your account like you do with the Google Ads/Microsoft Ads interface. 

And as soon as you get access to an active connection, you can post those changes to your account immediately.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Faster changes


The purpose of the Editor is to speed up the management process. When you use the Editor, you can make changes faster than you can in the normal Google Ads/Microsoft Ads interface because you can manage, edit, and view multiple accounts at once.

You can make bulk changes quickly. If you want to make large-scale adjustments to your account via the interface, it takes a while, but the Google Ads Editor’s copy and paste function allows you to copy and paste keywords, ads, and even entire campaigns. You can also make bulk changes to bidding at the keyword level with advanced bid changes. We don’t know where we’d be without this feature, honestly, probably crying in a ditch somewhere while we painstakingly and meticulously add existing keywords to new campaigns and then updated each one based on currency amounts or percentages.

If your accounts have gotten larger or more complex, there may be duplicate keywords that have slipped past your notice. Competing against yourself for specific keywords increases your CPC, decreases your Quality Score and CTR, and negatively impacts overall performance. With the Google Ads Editor, you can scan the whole account and find/delete duplicate keywords with just one click.

In the regular interface, you have to use multiple filters to see the data that you want. But the Editor has an advanced search feature that allows you to apply multiple filters instantly and then make changes as needed. You can also search and replace text across ad groups and campaigns, or undo and redo multiple changes.


More options


The Microsoft Advertising/Google Ads Editor gives you more choices about how to upload, export, and report data, as well as more choices for experimentation and collaboration. 

You can make your changes in Excel and then upload them as CSVs. You can export keyword data at the account level, campaign level, or account level. You can export data as a DLL or HTML file, also. The regular interfaces have exporting options, but Editors’ are much more advanced. 

The Google Ads Editor also allows you to save everything as a draft offline. That way, you can review your changes before publishing. You can also build experimental draft campaigns, and get feedback from other account team members before the drafts are uploaded. This encourages more communication, which can lead to better ideas for testing. We’re constantly brainstorming ideas for tests, so we think this feature is invaluable when it comes to creating an environment where testing is championed. 

In short, the Google Ads Editor and the Microsoft Advertising Editor are really helpful tools to make account management easier, wherever you are, no matter how many accounts and campaigns you are running. 

What do you think is the best benefit the Google Ads Editor/Microsoft Advertising Editor has to offer? Let us know in the comments! Empirical360 specializes in paid search marketing account management. We have managed over $15,000,000 in ad spend and produced millions of dollars for our clients, so we know what it takes to optimize and grow your business! Get in touch with us to find out about how paid search marketing can work for you. 

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