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No Scaling Retainers. No Long Term Contracts. Lots of ROI. Our Average Client Gets Their First Case In 2 Weeks Of Working With Us.

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From 7-8 New Clients A Month To Getting 30+ New Clients Per Month!

Learn How HannahGot 3X New Clients Every Month!

Learn How Hannah Got 3x New Clients Every Month!

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Pay Per Click Strategies That Convert Clicks Into Clients

Ideal Client Attraction

Our system specifically targets potential clients close to the buying phase of their journey. By using demographic & geo-fencing techniques we can target high net worth potential clients that can actually afford your services.

Ideal Client Attraction
Ideal Client Attraction

High Converting Web Assets

We write custom ad copy and landing page copy to attract your ideal clients. When you couple our proven copywriting with our optimized landing page structure our assets convert 3X higher than industry average.

Marketing Automation

Leverage the power of automation to get more consults booked. We use automated emails & text messages to encourage clients to call and book the first step of the buyer journey.


Profitability is the name of the game. Each week and month we track 4 major KPIs to make sure our marketing & sales is on track for success. By using scorecards we can make sure we are on track for your goals!


In order to help nurture all of your traffic we help you get infront of your potential clients on social media with retargeting campaigns. We will show them ads periodically on both Facebook & Instagram, so your firm stays top of mind and you can close your leads even higher.

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