Introducing the 360 Performance Portal & 360 CRM

When 3rd party software doesn’t meet all of your needs, build you own.

Sorry for the hiatus in our own blog posting  we have been hard at work on the latest and greatest additions to our agency. These additions were conceived in response to our experiences in the industry and born out of necessity.

Introducing: 360 CRM and 360 Performance

So what are these 2 platforms?

360 CRM is our fully custom CRM that our development team has built as an offering to our clients that we are going to offer for drumroll free.

360 Performance is a data visualization platform that was designed with one goal in mind – create full bilateral transparency for our clients and their marketing performance. This application is going to allow the user to review relevant Google Analytics data, Google Ads, and dynamic call tracking solutions like CallRail all within one application. This service is not going to carry a hefty price tag on it. It’s going to cost zero dollars.

Why did we invest our time and resources in creating these applications for our client accounts?

One MASSIVE hurdle in any business is having full control over each individual component of your operations. We have seen this over, and over, and over again.

Big businesses get so big that they have outgrown the capability of 3rd party solutions. The ability to scale is strictly limited by the capability of 3rd party solutions that they don’t control.

Small companies are forced into purchasing products that are costly and too robust for their needs. They don’t decide on the price they have to pay. They have lost control.

In order to meet our needs and the needs of our clients, we developed 360 CRM and 360 Performance to create complete control in the Empirical360 ecosystem.

What is the competitive advantage for our clients going forward?

Full-spectrum attribution modeling
We control the end-to-end solution, from search query to the disposition, in the CRM. We aren’t strictly talking about clicks, conversions, or sales. We are talking about each part to the puzzle. We see it all immediately and can make strategic decisions accordingly.
Most of our clients don’t care to become Google Ads experts. They don’t have the need to review Google analytics. They do, however, want to be able to see how their marketing efforts are performing and where the ad dollars are being spent. Our 360 Performance solution is going to offer just that.
Part of our work is about communication with our clients on their performance. One of the major value adds from 360 CRM and 360 Performance is the ability to streamline these communications. The opportunity for our team to be able to communicate on performance all within one ecosystem allows us to operate quickly and efficiently.
What is the best part of designing your software solutions in-house? It’s pliable. We have control to make it do whatever we need. Specific industries have specific business requirements. 3rd party solutions often will be able to meet 80% of the business requirements, but not all of them. Designing our own solutions gives Empirical360 and our clients the ability to meet 100% of the business requirements.