Year in Review

Looking back at the spectacular year we had and looking forward to 2020 

2019 was the biggest year yet for Empirical360. (We still can’t quite believe everything that happened, actually happened!)

We’ve worked incredibly hard this year to accomplish our goals and grow our business, so we’re taking the time to celebrate the milestones we’ve reached this year and reflect on the wins and lessons. We’re also busy dreaming about what the new year will hold for our agency! We wanted to share all of this with you, because we’re incredibly grateful to you for keeping up with us! 

What We Accomplished 

Just like last year, we don’t just generalize how the year went based on feelings. At Empirical360, we’re all about the numbers!  Our results are data-based. Here are a few stats that our team calculated to assess the quality of our performance this year:

Landing Pages Built

Team Members Added

Google Ad Accounts Managed

Google Ad Spend Managed

Websites Built

Leads/Sales Generated

Users Who Clicked Our Ads

Those numbers are impressive on their own, but when you compare them to last year’s numbers it’s even more of an accurate picture of what we’ve accomplished this year. Last year, we managed $2,954,791.78 in Google ad spend. That’s six million less than this year. We added 10 accounts, 3 employees, and achieved something we’ve dreamed of since we started our company:  

We Became a Google Premier Partner!!!

In what was perhaps our biggest accomplishment to date, Google named Empirical360 as a Premier Partner! We wrote a celebratory blog post here, but in case you missed it, basically this means that they consider us as one of the few leading agencies in the world. Only a select number of agencies are awarded Premier Partner status, and it must be earned, not bought. You have to meet rigorous criteria for spend, education, expertise, results, and experience, showing that you are trained in Google’s best practices and use them to consistently produce client revenue. Not only did we become a Google Premier Partner, but we also achieved all four of their product specialization areas (search marketing, display advertising, Google shopping, and video advertising). We’ve been communicating with our new dedicated support team to help us grow our accounts!

Hear from the Team

We asked each of our team members to think back on this year and answer three questions: (it’s crazy to think we started out as two guys working from home and are now a team of 7 people! Our newest addition to the E360 Fam, Amanda, just got here last week so we’ll let you get to know her more in the new year!) 

What would you consider our biggest win in 2020, as a company?

Elliot Alicea,

 “We were introduced to the power of funnel-based marketing. It’s something we’ve always overlooked because we’ve always seen so much of it, but it really works, and we started seeing how we could use it to get quick results for our clients.”

Erik Alicea,

“Definitely the growth of our team! It’s awesome to have more people with more ideas and perspectives!”

Jeremy Mogged,
Account Manager

“Obviously hiring me! Just kidding…honestly I would say when we hired our project manager. Really looking forward to seeing the organization and clarity she’ll bring to our internal structure!” 

Bobby Leonard,
Video Producer

“All of the video testimonials we’ve done!”

Ben Alicea, 
Title Here

“We got a lot of new clients this year, and were able to win for them! It’s always a win when you can help clients win.”

Shea Duncan,
Content Writer

“Google Premier Partner, hands down. I didn’t understand how big of an accomplishment it was until we started doing more research on it, but I am so incredibly proud of my team for the achievment!” 

What is your biggest learning takeaway from this year?

“If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one.”

“The power of video and content. It puts a face and a voice to your brand; it transforms the relationship between you and a cold prospect. Videos nurture the leads.”

“I think mine has been learning to quickly adapt….we’ve gone through a lot of changes this year, and Google has imposed a lot of changes, but I’m learning to keep the task flow going no matter what comes my way and get results regardless of the circumstances.”

“With video production you’re constantly learning! I would say honing my editing process has been my biggest learning takeaway this year.”

“Running a business is a continuous learning experience!”

“Probably just how important it is to keep learning and growing! There have been so many Google and industry updates and changes this year, and if you don’t keep up, you get left behind quickly.” 

What excites you most about Empirical360 in 2019?

“Same things as last year, the new office!”

(Construction took longer than they told us…)

“I’m excited that we have such a large and talented team! We’re really building a great company culture! And it’s great to be adding levels of skill and specialization so we can grow our business and serve our clients better and more efficiently.” 

“Excited for the new opportunities coming for the company in January, the fine tuning of our internal processes, and our new office!”

“Having a video studio in the new office!! We’ll be able to get much more creative with our shots for both ourselves and our clients.”

“Continued growth! More space, more employees, more dogs… we’re just going to keep growing in 2020, and that’s going to allow us to accomplish some big things.”

“I’m not going to be the only woman in the office anymore! It’s really nice to have Amanda around – I think she makes a great addition to the team, both personally and professionally!” 

Cheers to 365 new opportunities to grow! 

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” -Ferris Bueller

Happy New Year from Empirical360! We can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring!