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How Empirical360 Optimizes Your Campaigns Daily 

One way we’re different than other agencies is that we will be the first to tell you if your campaigns are not performing well.


That’s because we want you to really win. Our team sees enormous value and potential our clients’ businesses; we take on clients that we believe we can help achieve greatness. When you succeed, we succeed. 

Because your growth is our top priority, we work hard to make it happen, and we never hide anything that we’re doing (regardless of if your campaigns are performing well or not.) We want you to be informed about the steps we’re taking to produce results that matter, and what we’re doing to fix poorly performing campaigns. Unfortunately, transparency seems to be in scarce supply these days among a majority of agencies, according to our clients who have worked with numerous other teams. Recently, for example, during an audit of a client’s account, we found that their agency had not been keeping on top of their account, and their campaigns were suffering because of it. But the client had no idea this was happening. 

Why should transparency matter to you?


If you don’t know what’s going on within your account, there’s no accountability; no one is holding your agency responsible for their actions. And if their actions aren’t profitable, you’re losing money paying them. You’ve worked hard to build your business, and you’ve earned the right to know exactly what’s happening in your campaigns in real time! 

What’s happening in your campaigns should be continuous optimization. Negative keywords should be added regularly, bid adjustments should be changed based on keyword and device performance, and testing should be done to determine what can be improved.

The Empirical Process


We have a few ways that we provide visibility to our clients and hold ourselves accountable. First, we’ve created 360 Performance Portal and CRM that allow you to review campaign performance and analytics whenever you want. Our team members are constantly communicating with our clients via personal contact (emails, phone calls, regular meetings) and social media (go follow us!). We also use a project management platform called Monday. Monday is our way of tracking the work that we do for you, item by item. We lay out all of the tasks in separate boards, assign them to a contributor, set a due date, and then record how much time it takes us and what we need to complete each task. We can then export reports to you. 

 In Monday, we have a board dedicated to client maintenance. We perform what we refer to as daily “health checks” on your account, and we perform audit tasks at regular intervals throughout the month. We do this because we believe your account is worth our constant attention. Things can change quickly, and if we’re not monitoring your account closely, we can miss potential pitfalls and opportunities. 

A daily health check involves three critical tasks:

Reviewing/Adding Negative Keywords

Nothing can kill your budget faster than irrelevant or unqualified traffic, because in PPC marketing, you pay for each click. Negative keywords are your protection against this – they prevent your ad from being shown if a certain word or phrase is typed.  During account creation, we implement negative keywords, but these continually need to be checked. New industry trends or competitors may show up on the scene, or your current competitors may modify their keywords, which could change what terms should be on your list. 

Making Keyword Bid Adjustments

When we first create an account, we select keywords and select how much we’re willing to pay for each keyword (CPC). We set this manually, which requires us to constantly check how the keywords are performing and determine whether to bid higher on those keywords or bring the bid down. We use the Google Keyword Planner to help us do this. 

Look for Budget Allocation Opportunities

No matter how well your campaigns are doing, there’s always room to improve. Looking at the account daily means we can see areas that are under-performing, such as specific devices, keywords, etc., and allocate a higher budget to other areas so that you can maximize ROI. 

Our regular audit tasks are as follows:

Review Keyword Performance (Add/Delete Keywords)

We take a deep dive into each keyword and analyze how we can scale it or build upon it. Sometimes our broad keywords will trigger longer phrases. This is important because it can lead us to create longer tail keywords which are higher intent and cost less per click (in some cases). Just as we look to scale some keywords, we also look to reduce spend for some or even, in some cases, cut the keyword out completely. We also review match type performance, and this helps inform our budget allocation.

Listen to Phone Calls

There are many reasons we like to listen to our clients’ phone calls. First, it lets us scrutinize the quality of the leads we produce, and gives us an idea of if we can improve the quality by filtering traffic. By glancing at your call times, we get a feel for the quality of your leads within a given period. Second, it helps us audit your sales process. If we see an easy communication change you can make, one that we know has worked for others in your industry, we’ll share that information with you and you can implement it in your sales strategy. 

Add AB Tests

The new Expanded Test Ad Format in Google Ads allows for 3 headlines and 2 description lines of ad copy, giving us plenty of room to test new values and creative. This means we can test for things like CTR and conversions. We will set up experiement campaigns within your Google Ads account and test your traffic to 2 different sets of ads.

Campaign Settings AB Test

In your Google Ads account, your campaigns have many different settings that can be optimized. We like to test things like bid strategies, bid adjustments on time of day, locations, audiences, negative keywords and much more in order to see what the best combination is for your business. 

Landing Page AB Test

When we are looking to make major improvements on your conversion rate, or test value propositions that will help close a deal, we create landing page tests. In some cases, we will change only one item on your page to really have an accurate idea of what your customer wants to see. If your campaigns are significantly underperforming, and we want to see drastic results, we will change multiple variables to get a more measurable reaction from your customer.

Review AB Test

Your account at any given moment will have at least one AB test we are running. Reviewing these daily is important so we can learn from the results and then deploy the next test based on the insights we have discovered.

Review Device Performance

Device performance is a huge part of our budget allocation method. We review this particularly closely for businesses that rely on call performance. We tend to look at your device performance on a 7, 14 and 30 day window rotation to see what kind of trends we can spot and how we can allocate more of your budget to the device producing the most ROI for your business.

Review Location Trends

Over time, if you are running campaigns in multiple cities or states, you will realize you have outliers. We will monitor these for both the higher performing locations and the lower performing ones. We can either segment these locations or put bid adjustments on them to drive more business from your higher performing states.

Review Time of Day Trends

When you are constantly running campaigns,  you will be able to tell which days are most popular for clicks and which times of day have the most clicks. We will monitor these for both the higher performing times and the lower performing ones. We can either segment these or put bid adjustments on them to drive more business from the highest performing time. 

Each business is unique, so depending on what your company’s model is and what’s most important to you, we add tasks. This is by no  means an exhaustive list of everything we do during the day to grow you, but this is a big chunk of how we spend our time. Each of these items requires careful research and planning, and we have an extensive amount of experience doing just that. While we’re managing a Google Ads account, we focus on the details – the little things that can make a big difference when it comes to ROI!

If you have more questions about what your marketing agency is doing for you, or if you’re not sure your business is reaching its full potential,  watch our AdNerds tutorials, read our supplemental AdNerds blogs, or contact us to see how Empirical360 can enhance your online performance through digital marketing!

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