Empirical360 Is Now a Google Premier Partner!

We’ve got BIG news!!!


On Wednesday, Empirical360 officially became a Google Premier Partner! 

We found out last week, and our whole team has been celebrating ever since. We could play it cool and tell you that it’s a big honor, we’re very grateful, etc…which is completely true…but transparency is one of our values, so, honestly? This is one of the best things that’s every happened to our agency and we nearly lost our minds when we got notified. It is SUCH a testament to all of the hard work we have put in over the last three years in creating and growing our clients’ Ads accounts!  Because it is such a major achievement, we wanted to tell you what this designation says about Empirical360 and what it means for your business’s paid search marketing efforts moving forward!

Why are we so excited about this?


There are two levels of partnership with Google. Neither status can be bought; it must be earned, and Google has extensive and specific (if not fully public) criteria for marketing agencies seeking to gain Partner status. The first level is Google Partner. If you are a Google Partner (which we have been), it means that Google has decided that you are an expert.  You have passed certification tests in a specialized area. You have met spend requirements ($10,000 USD over 90 days across managed accounts), which shows that you have a healthy level of activity. And you have met certain performance requirements when it comes to delivering revenue, producing growth, and expanding your customer base

Premier Partner status is a step above that. Google offers Premier status to agencies who are “leading companies”. They meet greater performance, spending, and expertise requirements (at least 2 individuals must be Google Ads certified). Google needs to see revenue growth and client retention at a higher rate than Partner status necessitates.  They evaluate your accounts over an 18-month period to determine if you are eligible for Premier Partnership. And once you’re in, you’re not always in – you have to maintain your position, or you lose it.  Google also offers special benefits to Premier Partners to help them grow their accounts further. 

TL;DR: It means that we’re being recognized – BY GOOGLE – as one of the best marketing agencies. Because of that, we’re getting access to more opportunities. 

Why should YOU be as excited about this as we are?


Google Premier Partners are the elite few, and because of that, Google gives them access to a world behind a curtain that regular marketing agencies, and even Google Partners, don’t ever see. 

Premier Partners receive invitations to select Google events. They also get early access to beta programs and experiments. Both of these mean that your advertiser has the key to unlocking tools that your competitors can’t, or can’t yet. 

When you’re a Premier Partner, you also have a direct line to Google. It’s faster to contact them, and you have a dedicated, highly qualified support team who is ready to respond and work with them to grow your account. Something broken or performing unexpectedly? Something you need to optimize for? A marketer who is a Premier Partner can get you the answers you need, faster. 

Most Premier Partners only have specializations in one product area, but we have three: search marketing, display advertising, and Google shopping (and we’re very close to reaching specialization in video, as well). You can be confident that whatever you want to do when it comes to online marketing, we can handle it. 

TL;DR: You now work with a Google Premier Partner, the highest designation of “expert” that Google has to offer, and that means special attention for your accounts. 



We’re excited for what becoming a Premier Partner means for us and for you moving forward. Growth has always been our goal, and we now have more tools and power to grow clients’ businesses than ever before. If you have any questions about specifically how this will affect your accounts, contact us – we would love to tell you more about it! 




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