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Featured Case Study. 50 New Clients!

Freed Marcroft Hits Record Month!

Client Success

30+ New Clients/Month

With our expert marketing assistance, Hannah's client acquisition skyrocketed from 7-9 new clients a month to over 30. By leveraging targeted campaigns, strategic social media presence, and optimized SEO practices, we significantly boosted her visibility and outreach, resulting in this impressive growth.


Client Success

100% YOY Growth

We helped New Leaf Family achieve 100% year-over-year growth and surpass multi-seven figures with our data-driven PPC, a strong organic strategy, and our omnipresence video marketing. These efforts maximized their market reach and drove substantial revenue growth.

Client Success

From 10 to 40+ Clients/Month

We helped Foxtrot go from less than 10 new clients a month to over 40 new divorce clients by utilizing our comprehensive 3-tier system and conducting an in-depth analysis of their entire sales funnel. These strategies enabled us to identify key areas for improvement and implement targeted actions, breaking new records for client acquisition.

Client Success

Building An Orlando Powerhouse Firm

We supported Jean with Mens Divorce Law Firm through one of the darkest times in her life, providing steadfast guidance and reliable expertise. She found a vendor she could trust in us, which not only helped her navigate challenges but also fueled her firm's growth for years.

Client Success

50 New Clients In One Month

We helped Freed Marcroft achieve a firm record of 50 new clients by leveraging data-driven marketing, a robust SEO campaign, and targeted video marketing. These strategies allowed us to effectively reach and engage their ideal client avatar, driving significant growth and setting a new benchmark for success.

Client Success


Since partnering with Penn at New Leaf Family before COVID, we have helped them achieve 100% year-over-year growth. Our strategic marketing initiatives, combined with ongoing support and adaptation to market changes, have driven sustained success and remarkable expansion for their firm.

Client Success

More Clients Than Ever

We helped Meade Law Group secure more clients in six months than they had in the past six years by optimizing their accounts on a weekly basis and providing targeted sales coaching. These efforts ensured continuous improvement and effectiveness in their client acquisition strategies, leading to unprecedented growth.

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